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At American Herd, we believe that 'Made in USA' should mean something more.

Unfortunately these days many companies can purchase generic products overseas, print their logo on it, and claim it was 'Made in USA'

We don't think that's right, and we believe it dilutes the meaning of the powerful 'Made in USA' stamp.

At American Herd, when we claim our products are Made in USA, we mean that they have been manufactured in America from the ground up. When you purchase our products, you can be sure that your dollars are going only into the hands of hard-working Americans.

Our entire supply chain is located stateside. Here are the details:

American Herd Leather Goods

  • Sourced in America
  • Designed in America
  • Cut, Sewn & Stamped in America


American Herd Apparel

  • Cut & Sewn in America
  • Designed in America
  • Printed in America